We have achieved the DT 58 Technical Document certification for the certification of the commercial process of sales agencies: "Quality Agency", which represents the recognized international reference standard for the management of the quality of internal processes, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

What is the Quality certification

It is a training course that focuses on the professional operational quality of the Commercial Agent. It highlights the importance of this figure within the economic world by giving justice to the extent of its social value.

Because a Commercial Agent is certified

The recognition of professionalism and the maintenance of skills are global needs and, in Europe, constitute the premise for the free circulation of Professions.

The "Quality Agency" certification is obtained through specific training courses and audits carried out under the control of the CERTIQUALITY entity.

In a market characterized by strong competitiveness, together with legal obligations, more and more voluntary standards are spreading aimed at differentiating commercial activities.

The certification of their commercial process against the requirements described in Technical Document 58 allows the Agencies to ensure the quality of their business and service both to the final customer and to the Principal.

In particular, the DT 58 refers at the commercial process of products and/or services and it is based on a process approach, which incorporates the PDCA cycle and Risk-based thinking.

This approach, aligned with the latest revision of the ISO 9001 standard, allows the sales Agency not only to plan its processes and their interactions according to the PDCA logic - i.e. planning (Plan), implementation (Do), control and analysis (Check - Act) - but also to determine the factors that could cause its processes and activities to deviate from the planned objectives, putting in place preventive controls to minimize negative effects and maximize opportunities, when they arise.

The added value of the certification against DT 58 derives from the following guarantees offered to the customer, the Principal, the shareholders and all interested parties:

  • clear and transparent definition of the Agency’s processes and activities according to the objectives set;
  • monitoring through management indicators;
  • performance measurement and customer orientation;
  • internal and external system documentation controlled and updated;
  • systematic monitoring of customer satisfaction;
  • information and communication channels with the Agency;
  • professionalism of the Agency in all phases of the certified process;
  • improvement of the Agency's management standards;
  • constant monitoring of the activities and operational processes by an independent third part.

The goal of the "Quality Agency" is to achieve excellence in its own field.