CS-CTT, CSP and CSD Series: Fai Filtri’s spin-on


Are you having problems controlling the contamination levels of your hydraulic fluids and fuels? Fai Filtri’s complete line of spin-on filters have been engineered to perform at the highest standards even in the toughest conditions.

Our CS-CTT, CSP, and CSD spin-on cartridges are perfect for earthworks machines, agricultural machines, industrial vehicles, compressors, and hydraulic systems with pressure peaks up to 12 bar, 25 bar, and 35 bar. Clogged filters should be easy to replace, especially when dealing with highly deteriorated environmental conditions. With a quick and clean procedure, our filters get you back up and running. They can support flow rates up to 270 l/min and each filter can be equipped with a by-pass valve and an anti-emptying membrane (CTT series). In addition, our spin-on cartridges use the new-generation “A” filtering media, granting an absolute filtration power of 3, 6, 10, or 25 micron (âx ? 1000). These “A” filters use inorganic impregnated and resin bonded inert micro-fibers and support both upstream and downstream filtration.

The result is a very compact filtering core that ensures the media will not deform, distort, or strain, which prevents the release of contaminants. This improves the filtering performances and allows contaminants to accumulate efficiently, even in the event of phenomena such as high differential pressure and water hammering derived from cold starts and discharge flow rates. The above-mentioned features make the FAI FILTRI spin-on filters ideal for hydraulic, lubricating oils, fuels, glycol water, emulsions, and most synthetic fluids.

 CS-CTT, CSP and CSD Series: Fai Filtri’s spin-on