Our mission

For over twenty years ELLECI has been dealing as industrial representatives agency in the hydraulic sector and has specialized in the research and development of commercial intermediaries on behalf of several clients.

ELLECI has chosen to represent selected companies, leader in the sector, able to be ahead the times, mostly in technological innovation and in research and development.

Based on the experience of our commercial technicians, from 2001 until today ELLECI has been able to manage all market requests to the best by expanding and diversifying our offer, to the point of boasting a widespread presence extending into the regions of Emilia Romagna, Marche and Lombardy.

Thanks to its cohesive team of specialized and highly motivated collaborators, ELLECI is able to manage the different customer requests with customized solutions suited to their needs, as well as assessing the feasibility of each proposed project, planning and managing the commercial promotion on behalf of selected principals.

More than twenty years of experience in the hydraulic sector and a continuous updating on the subject allow our team not only the single product direct promotion, but also to provide specialized consultancy in the design, management and application in various sectors from industrial to petrochemical, from mobile to the agricultural sector, guaranteeing a pre and after sales technical support.

ELLECI can also provide assistance in terms of commercial consultancy, aimed at the planning, development and management of valid sales strategies in the area.

It is with this in mind that, through the existing structure, ELLECI has also created a section dedicated to boating industry, with a specific focus on international sales, new commercial networks development, international boat shows and specific events organization.