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Tourism, serious difficulties due to a lack of seasonal staff

Tourism, always more and more difficult to find staff for seasonal work

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Settima Meccanica, CONTINUUM® 4Q® Series

The CONTINUUM® 4Q® Series can work silenty both as a pump and as a motor and in both cases bi-directionally

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Palma International Boat Show

Anvera 48 at the Palma de Mallorca boat show

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Stellantis Suspends Production in Russia

Stellantis has suspended its manufacturing operations in Kaluga

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Fai Filtri, innovation and tradition

Since 1976 Fai Filtri continues to develop solutions for any filtration problem

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Gas in the Adriatic Sea, fifty platforms to be reactivated

Gas fields in the Adriatic, the possibility of reactivating our platforms

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Bianchi bicycles, production is back in Lombardia

Bianchi bicycles will return its production to the new Treviglio plant

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CONTINUUM®, No Noise helical rotor pump by Settima Meccanica

Born in the early 2000s, The CONTINUUM® No Noise helical rotor pump has been invented by Settima Meccanica with the purpose of meeting the needs of an Increasingly Demanding Industrial World, which f...

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Super platform by Rosetti Marino

Independence on methane is Denmark's current target

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