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EIMA 2021, spotlight on gardening and in its dedicated section

EIMA Green will represent an opportunity to take stock of the situation on equipment dedicated to green, a sector that is grinding excellent results after a first half of 2021 with a growth of + 33%

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The Boat Show towards full house

The Boat Show towards full house, full of orders for the next three years

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Volkswagen cuts production in Wolfsburg

After Toyota, Volkswagen also decided to cut production at the Wolfsburg plant, the group's main one.

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60% of Italian SMEs consider the Recovery Fund an unmissable opportunity

Italian SMEs consider the Recovery Fund an important opportunity

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Anvera Events in September

A full calendar of events for the whole month of September!

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A 2.5 million euro call for companies

The Region returns to invest in the Apennines by activating a new tender that makes available to companies 2.5 million euros for redevelopment, restructuring, purchase and recovery of production facil...

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zerospark is MP Filtri`s latest innovative product, created solve problems with electrical charge building up inside filters

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Italian industrial production fell by 1.5% in May compared to April.

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Rse, in Milan experimental area for studies on electric charging

Ribbon-cutting ceremony in Milan for the RSE (Energy System Research)

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