Our team

The sharing of objectives, corporate values ​​and working methods is one of our strengths and is aimed at offering a better and more complete service every day.

Luigi Chiodi

Founder and CEO

In the hydraulic sector for more than 30 years.

Ideas come from him… and still wonders "who made him do it..."

Ivan Farina

Commercial Technician

20 years ago he discovered the passion for our business.

“Fast as lightning”

Nicola Mariotto

Commercial Technician

Any of your needs is his own 'Mission'.


Emanuela Pradella

Sales in boating industry, Business Accounting, General corporate coordination

“Behind every great men is a great woman”

Massimiliano Abbagnale

Sales Agent

Concise and resolute.

“Our spearhead towards the north”

Alessandro Bellati

Back Office

Precise and accurate.

“Make way for the Young”